F'yona Rhela

Desert Flower; Jade Samurai

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"Rowdy, obnoxious and loud. Yet, a most loyal friend." - Tamari Amanta


Name: F'yona Rhela
Race: Miqo'te, Seeker
Sex: Female
Birthplace: Thavnair
Age: 24

Nickname: Desert Flower, Jade Samurai
Nameday: 11th Sun of 6th Umbral Moon
Occupation: Samurai, Dancer, Royal


Height: 4'11" (149cm)
Build: Athletic
Hair: Raven
Eyes: Jade
Complexion: Umber
Accent: Hannish (Indian/Middle Eastern)

Piercings: Jade Thavnairian Earrings
Marks/Tattoos: Faded scars on left cheek, heavy scar on left-side abdomen
Jewelry: Gold Thavnairian Jewelry


Alignment: Chaotic Good
Personality Type: ENFP
Favorite Food: Doman Spiced Steak & ANY Pizza
Favorite Beverage: Lominsan Strawberry Shake
Favorite Drink: Doman Vintage Red
Favorite Color: Turquoise & Jade


Exercise / sparring
Bending rules / the law
Coercing drunkards to brawl
Cards & dice
Learning cultures & history
Double entendre jokes
Wine tasting
Exploration & Seafaring


Bureaucracy of law
Authoritative abuse
Being called short
Dust & grime
Cold weather
House chores
Teleportation sickness
Flying in airships
Extreme hatred of Voidsent


Agile and reactive
Good environmental perception
Able to support when combat dancer
Reliable companionship
Trustworthy towards allies
Cooperative w/ most cultures
Cooperative w/ friendly Garleans
Experience with seafaring


Long build up to stronger abilities
Combat dance requires steady ground
Occasional disregard for rules
Vindictive / holds grudges
Trust can be abused by villain PCs
May take shortcuts with tasks
Pranks may aggravate her allies
Motion sickness in airships


"Worry not our short lives. Rather, heed your essence, for you are worth living." - Jinsen Hikkari; Former Mentor

Summary of Yona's past RP events and encounters:

"Thavnairian born, Ala Mhigan raised, Hingan trained." Such words are usually spoken by F'yona when strangers seek to know about her. She says it often, and for good reason - the short, almond skinned Miqo'te known for her piercing jade eyes has been to many parts of the world, and has a great many adventures to tell.F'yona was believed to be an orphan, growing up in the hostile conditions of Ala Mhigo prior to it's liberation. During a coupe, Yona was taken in by a strange Samurai with an even stranger fighting style. They fled to Othard where she was instructed to train. Here, she would familiarize herself with Doman and Hingan culture and combat.Her adventure truly begins after the passing of her mentor, Jinsen Hikkari. Jinsen, and soon F'yona, were practitioners of Kenshibu, an unorthodox, dance-like martial theory that combined traditional warfare with performance arts. As unconventional as it was, it would provide a young F'yona with the necessary tools needed for her to start her journey and altruistic endeavours.Over the course of three years, F'yona allied herself with a handful of notable adventurers, free companies, and bounty hunting organizations. Just a few of her noteworthy achievements included her assistance to slay a Minor Ascian, several mid-ranked Voidsent, and offering her blade to destroy two high-ranked Voidlords.However, her most famous feat was the sacking of a cruel despot by the name of Price Altiair Nadan of Ynnia. F'yona was assisted by renowed gladiator Tamari Amanta, gifted and powerful astrologian Saeyara Voss, to name a few.

During the liberation of Ynnia, the fiesty Miqo'te samurai discovered her true heritage. Only interested in fighting, training, and helping others, F'yona was thrust into a situation where she became the reluctant princess of the Island of Ynnia, just off the Western coastline of Thavnair.Her slaying of Altiair and countless adventures in Gyr Abania, Othard and Thavnair, mixed with her reputation as a "warrior princess" garnered her the nickname of Desert Flower. Not one to rest on her laurels, however, F'yona immediately began reconstruction and rebuilding of her home island.After learning the value of her many failures and losses from the path of the Desert Flower, F'yona acquired a new goal: to restore Kenshibu to it's former glory.Through her travels, she gained soulmates in the form of Hanabi Seiren and Tamari Ananta. Despite her many hardships, Yona's two partners have lifted her up every time she'd be in danger of falling.Her first student, Skye Inoki, rose through the ranks of the Scions and stands proud as one of the realm's most proficient samurai. Miss Inoki even managed to locate Jinsen's bastard son, Kazuhira Mitsurugi and offer him a new lease on life! Hira and Skye are now faithful partners creating a legacy in their own right.Now considered a veteran adventurer and masterclass Samurai despite her young age, F'yona continues to seek out and help those in need, or even train them.

There is more to Yona's story, yet unwritten. Perhaps you will leave your mark?


"There is no finer samurai one can find for an ally." - R'mari Tia

You've heard word of a young, female samurai prodigy known as the "Jade Samurai" and decide to seek her out.After learning the value of total failure and eventually rebounding to defeat Prince Altiair, F'yona has evolved to the next step of her former Master's training. She has become a masterful swordsman in her own right, and as such is willing to train, discuss, or spar with up and coming adventurers.

The beautiful yet deadly efficiency of Kenshibu martial arts has intrigued you, either as a potential student, or to help recover artifacts of it's history.F'yona is a master of a rare but specialized fighting style, destroyed of it's possessions by the Garlean Empire. Whether you wish to recover artifacts of the art, or begin training as a student yourself, F'yona is typically happy to oblige.

F'yona can be spotted in the distance, frantically waving her arms about, scaring a few travelers.She is interested in various cultures throughout Etheirys, and would love to learn something about your character's history and people.

A beautiful samurai with almond skin and raven hair may have caught your attention.Yona is quite oblivious to her own striking beauty, as she often portrays herself as a bit of a tomboy. Do you dare to try with this one? Twelve and the Kami save you!

In your search for allies, you've heard rumors of "The Desert Flower" and decide to seek her out yourself.F'yona is searching for traveling companions for adventures and monster contracts, or repelling Voidsent creeping up from the aftermath of the Garlean battlefields.

F'yona has both hands on a glass pane, seemingly lost in thought as she stares at it's contents.She has an interest in treasure hunting, not necessarily for the riches or glory, but for the opportunity to learn about history.

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"Fine then. I'll just punch ya with my sword!" - F'yona Rhela

Thanks for reading my carrd! I enjoy roleplaying and have been doing so since my time in WoW. I was also an avid Red Dead and PSO2 player (Japanese version /w all the cool stuff).What I enjoy most over games though is just hanging out and spending time with friends. As such, I am usually looking to make friends for longer term RP contacts.I also enjoy photography, and have contributed to the Skyrim and Fallout 4 modding community with my pictures. That love also extends to FFXIV. I have a ton of galleries, if you want to see them, I am more than happy to share via Discord!Small note: I am fine with RP relationships and mature scenes, but please understand a divide between OOC and IC. Ty!

-- Contact Info --
In Game: F'yona Rhela
Discord: fiona_rhela
Data Center/Server: Crystal/Mateus
Timezone: Pacific
-- RP Permissions --
RP Style: Adventure, treasurehunting, mature themes, slice of life
IC Residence(s): Character Housing Catalog
Combat System: Free-form (preferred) or basic rolls
Physical Violence/Injury: Yes (with permission)
Emotional Violence: Yes (with permission)
Romance: Yes (with permission)
Relationships/Orientation: Bisexual. Male preference
Death: No